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We got a life to be free

                                 & happy

    My   way   is   performing

Photo    Yiannis Velissaridis


Katerina is a Greek coloratura soprano.

She was born on Poros island. In 2019 she graduated from the School of Vocal Studies & Opera, Athens Conservatory, with the grade: ´Excellent Unanimously´.


Katerina has always been avid on exploring the drama in the music and vice versa. Far from the opera which is the main object of her studies, she has also dived into acting, performing roles of the classical repertory theatre.


She is a stage lover with a long presence on it, since 2004.


The unsatisfied hunger to explore the stage and the art of performance, pushed her far and she took eagerly all the risks to perform under Marina’s Abramovic technique while singing.

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